sexual slavery and inconsistency in feminism

Since moving to Asia, my perspective of the world has changed greatly. In the States I dedicated enough time to studying the feminist movement to understand it’s key tenets (at least the most repeated tenets) and reappearing among them frequently was an attack against the oppression of women in Judeo-Christian (and occasionally Muslim)-based religions. This is fine; being a Christian I still recognize much wrong doctrine is propogated in Judeo-Christian circles regarding the treatment of women.

However, what truly saddens me is not the blatant, repeated attacks on all spheres of Christianity, poorly packaged in recycled paper, but rather the passing over of a holocaust; a genocide of modern women bartered and sold into sexual slavery and trafficked throughout the modern world  (that includes America). Feminists who dedicate exhorbitant sections of time expounding upon the oppression of thirteen year old girls who are taught they should save themselves til marriage might spend their time better if they decided to battle to free thirteen year old girls who are forced to prostitute themselves daily with no hope of escape. 

Just a thought.!/notforsale

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Loved this article!

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More Spiritual than God

I ran across an aspiring author who is working on what I anticipate will be a very promising work. A quick nod to Josh Kelly!

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Just a thought…does this normalization of the youthful masses encourage socialistic indoctrination? Does equalization quench individualism and lead to the terrors of 1984? Would love some insight!

LIFE and Leadership by Chris Brady

Someone sent me the transcript from a commencement speech.  The title and beginning featured a slightly shocking pattern interrupt. In other words, they caught me by surprise. I found myself so intrigued I read further, and eventually realized that, unlike 99% of everything else I ever receive, I could not stop reading this. I have included it below in its entirety for your enjoyment and pondering. I love how it concludes, and think there are many, many fine points made along the way. Oh, if we could only think and behave thus!

Here it is!

Here’s a new one in the annals of commencement speakers. A teacher at Wellesley High School in Massachusetts gave his address to the Class of 2012 and blasted the students, telling them over and over, “You’re not special.”

(Dennis R.J. Geppert/AP)

David McCullough Jr., an English teacher at the school, delivered his rather unusual…

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Delicious Irony

I loved this article, also from the Clare Booth Luce site. Certain shows continually gave me conflicted, confused feelings. I think this analysis hits the nail on the head…

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Good Article

Here is a link to a fabulous article I found on the Clare Booth Luce Policy Institute.

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The Ironic Manipulation of Popular Culture, of Why We Should Worry About Karmin

Popular culture has induced women to literally beg for sex. I’m not exaggerating. I may be wrong, but from my modest education I cannot recall any time period or culture that drove women to this level. I’m pretty sure the men were always the aggressors. I’m pretty sure that very intelligent women have always realized their sexuality is a very pricey commodity either to be treasured or capitalized upon.

Until now.

As I grew out of adolescence and into analytical maturity I consistently questioned the dynamics of that veritable god of popular culture.

Most frequently I wondered whether popular music, etc. reflected the desires of the masses, or if the masses imitated popular culture and thus received its preferences from such persons in positions of power.

I came at some point to the conclusion that the dynamics of popular culture can be illustrated by an tautological symbol: At one point of a radius popular culture tells the people what they should want, and on the other point of the radius popular culture depicts the reaction of the people who have followed popular culture’s lead.

Allow me to illustrate.

Let us look at the movie Friends With Benefits. Fortunately for my individual sanity and unfortunately for this blog, I have not watched the film. However, the plot is predictable enough: Two friends decide to have sex with no strings attached, and end up falling in love and having a relationship.

Lets analyze the subliminal message to girls: your key to a relationship is to have sex with no strings attached.

*This concept deserves a nod to its matriarch-the feminist movement-that tells girls repeated equality is consummated by emulation, and that they should emulate the animal behavior of men, denying emotion, in order to be equal to me. Have open sex, don’t sit around and hope some guy will come around and court you.

We can assume that if girls believed the plot of Friends With Benefits to be an accurate portrayal of life, they would participate in casual sex and hope to gain a relationship.

Let us flip to the opposite side of the tautological symbol.

Karmin’s music represents the reaction of girls who attempted to get a relationship by giving free sex. Let us examine the lyrics of the o-so-overplayed “Broken Hearted”:

“Waiting for my phone to blow . . . I’ve been waiting all day for you to call me baby. . . honest baby I’ll do anything you want to . . . don’t leave me broken hearted.”

Let’s examine the situation. This girl is begging, blatantly and a little pathetically. But what is she begging for? In the 1800s, she would have been begging for marriage. In the 1950s, she may have been begging for dinner and movie, and affirmation that her company is desired.

At one point men were thought to be spoiled when women let them cohabitate with a marriage licence. But men are far far far more spoiled now.

In 2012, she is begging for a guy to drive up to her house, sleep with her, and leave. An the girl gets to hope that maybe, just maybe, she can be the girl he picks tonight.

Wait. Popular culture has brought women to the level of begging for sex. For decades feminists have scoffed and ridiculed women who refused to sleep with a man until marriage, and now they have educated generations into thinking that they have to beg men to sleep with them.

This is why I say popular media and its incorporation of the feminist agenda is ruining modern girls.

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